Twenty-first-century woman SSA & piano

21st century woman - SSA version COVER framed.jpg
21st century woman - SSA version COVER framed.jpg

Twenty-first-century woman SSA & piano


‘Twenty-first-century Woman’ is a ground-breaking musical project for International Women’s Day 2019. Its centrepiece is a brand new gospel-style song for women’s voices and band, composed by Joanna Forbes L’Estrange, with lyrics inspired by Oprah Winfrey’s famous 2018 Golden Globes acceptance speech. It was recorded at Abbey Road Studios on 22nd November 2018 (St Cecilia’s Day) by stars of London’s West End, singers from Hollywood film soundtracks and an all-female band of top London session musicians. The #TwentyFirstCenturyWoman single will be available to download from all music platforms on 8 March 2019, International Women’s Day. All proceeds from downloads of the song will be donated to charities supporting girls’ education globally.

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LYRICS Twenty-first-century woman song

A new day is on the horizon
And when the sun rises up to brighten that day
It will be because for many generations
Women took a risk for the right to have their say;
We are raising the leaders of the future –
We need to teach them well or how will they know
To press for change, to stand up and be counted?
We’ve come so far but there’s such a long way to go.

So what does it take to be a twenty-first-century woman?
Cos we need to make a stand for the twenty-first-century woman.

We are fighting for an end to all injustice
So every girl can learn to speak her truth without fear;
We fight for parity in pay and education
For equal opportunities in every career;
We must be brave and we must keep on believing,
No more pretending we don’t mind cos those days are gone;
Now’s the time to spread the word across all nations –
No one can silence us and still the truth marches on.

So what does it take to be a twenty-first-century woman?
Cos we need to make a stand for the twenty-first-century woman.

We are doctors, politicians,
We’re conductors, musicians,
We are poets, we are writers
We are even fire-fighters,
We are sisters, we are strivers,
We are cancer survivors,
We are actors, we are dancers,
We have questions and we have answers.

We are bishops, we are preachers,
We are nuns, we are teachers,
We are cleaners, we are carers,
Some of us are child bearers,
We’re composers, we’re presenters,
We are authors, inventors,
And we won’t give up the fight
Until we have equal rights.

We are surgeons, we’re opticians,
We are nurses, beauticians,
We are trainers, entertainers,
We are tireless campaigners,
We are bankers, we are bakers,
We are wives and home-makers;
The list is endless and that’s the way it should be
Till every girl can grow up to be who she wants to be.

And that is what it takes to be a twenty-first-century woman.