Alexander L’Estrange formed his professional quintet in 2008 for the world premiere of Zimbe! Come sing the songs of Africa!, naming it after Paul Simon’s song on his African-inspired album ‘Gracelands’. An acclaimed professional jazz pianist and double bass player himself, L’Estrange was at the forefront of the British jazz scene for over a decade, working with the UK’s top jazz musicians. He formed the quintet to showcase the best of these musicians; it has since performed in hundreds of concerts all over the UK of L’Estrange’s large-scale choral works: Zimbe! Come sing the songs of Africa!, Ahoy! Sing for the Mary Rose, Song Cycle: vive la vélorution! and Wassail! Carols of Comfort and Joy. The quintet is featured on CD recordings of each of these works as well as on New things to say the debut album by jazz duo 'L’Estranges in the Night'. 

The precise membership of the quintet changes according the piece being performed. At its core is a“rhythm section”  of piano, double bass and drums. These are joined by saxophone and percussion for Zimbe!; nautical fiddle and piano accordion for Ahoy!; flute and trumpet/flugelhorn for Song Cycle; recorder and piano accordion for Wassail!.

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